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A design for a kinetic sun shelter on Pier 59 in Manhattan that changes shape with the tides A competition Entry for a "Tree Archivist" which records the growth and development of an urban street tree A proposal for a 17,000 square foot photovoltaic solar array on the south facade of a federal building in Washington, DC A Theory of Architectural Additions: The Canon and It's Consequences Travel grant on architecture and preservation in Poland Furniture design and planning of a small Apartment The design of a necropolis

A virtual photographic walk-through of Le Corbusier's chapel Notre Dame du Haut in Ronchamp 9 Interactive panoramic photographs of Rome 15 Interactive panoramic photographs from Poland Photographs from Texas London New York Arizona & New Mexico California Indiana Shanghai Washington, DC Photography Gallery HABS photographs of the Rockland County Jail 11 September 2001 Attack on the World Trade Center

An on-line guide: the New York City Architecture Exhibitions Calendar

Brooklyn Velo Force bicycle racing team

Brooklyn Pave: a celebration of Paris Roubaix on Brooklyn cobblestone

On-line Resume Adobe Acrobat version of resume A most personal introduction Wedding photographs (kids these days!)


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