On Valentine's Weekend 1999, the anniversary of our eighth year together, Sara and I were married. We decided for a simple ceremony and wedding day spent in New York doing the things we enjoy. The day before the ceremony, we went to the Brooklyn Municipal Building to obtain our licence. The office must be one of the happier agencies in the city since all the couples who come there are in a generally happy and giggly sort of mood. From there, we journeyed to Soho and downtown Manhattan to search for Sara's dress. After a brief interlude for lunch at an Indian restaurant, we headed uptown and found a long blue dress that was just right. Afterward, we split directions: Sara to the salon and I to the photo store to buy a small pocket camera and film.

The only other person in town who knew of our plans was Marisa. We met her the next morning at the Brooklyn Municipal Building and went up to the chapel on the second floor. After all of us had signed the necessary paperwork, we went to a small side room and waited. A few couples with friends and family flowed in and out. Before we knew it, our name was called.

The chapel was a large space with a flat ceiling and a long wooden bench along one wall. In one corner of the space stood a podium backed by a curved rear wall inset with multi-colored glass circles, a very nice and simple element in the room. Sara and I took our places, Marisa snapped photos, and Ms Johnson pronounced us husband and wife. It was as simple as we could have imagined.

Walking out of the building, we had a couple of Polaroids made by a photographer with a 4x5 camera. We then went to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade to to take in the view of Lower Manhattan. On an unusually warm sunny day in February it was incredibly easy to stay outside all day. With the windows down, we rode in a cab over the Brooklyn Bridge to have lunch at Patria, an excellent Nuevo Latino restaurant. Afterwards, we walked across Manhattan to the Dia Center and then to the MoMA. The evening topped with jazz at Birdland.

It was a memorable day for the both of us and everything worked out exactly as we wanted. The next day, we had the photographs developed and scanned, set-up these web pages, clicked "send" on the emails to our friends and family, called a cab and flew to Rome.


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